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Embracing Intersectionality: Building Inclusive Workplaces with Safir Boukhalfa Consulting

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Bonjour, Hello, Hallo, Hola, Salam, Azul,

If you do not know me yet, let me please introduce myself! I am Safir, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant based in vibrant Berlin, Germany. I believe that workplaces should be spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, and embraced. My personal lived experience as a queer, Muslim, and non-binary individual with autism and ADHD from Algeria and France have shaped my mission to create inclusive environments. That's why I founded Safir Boukhalfa Consulting. We strive to guide companies and NGOs on a journey towards fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion practices that celebrate the beautiful tapestry of intersecting identities.

Our Specialization: Embracing Intersectionality

At Safir Boukhalfa Consulting, we specialize in three key areas: queer inclusion, anti-racism, and neurodiversity in the workplace. We believe that these areas are not only essential for creating inclusive workplaces but are also deeply intertwined with the concept of intersectionality.

Interpersonal Change: Workshops, Speaking, and Writing

Interpersonal Change focuses on empowering individuals and cultivating awareness, understanding, and empathy. Through our workshops, speaking engagements, and writing, we aim to create meaningful connections and spark conversations that drive positive change.

Workshops: Our workshops provide a platform for interactive learning and discussion. We offer a range of topics, including Introduction to DEI, Anti-Racism in the Workplace, Queer Inclusion, Allyship, Leading with Empathy, and Neurodiversity. Each workshop is tailored to your organization's specific needs and can be customized for different teams or levels within the company. By fostering dialogue and challenging biases, we help create a more inclusive and informed workforce at every level.

Speaking: As an experienced speaker, I am passionate about sharing insights, best practices, and thought-provoking ideas on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Whether it's a keynote address, panel moderation, or participating as a panelist, I bring my expertise to conferences, events, and seminars. My goal is to inspire and engage audiences, fostering a deeper understanding of intersectionality and its significance in the workplace.

Writing: Through articles, glossaries, essays, and other written content, we contribute to the ongoing conversation around DEI. Our writing aims to educate, raise awareness, and provide practical guidance on creating inclusive workplaces. We share our expertise, experiences, and research-backed insights to inspire positive change and encourage continuous learning.

Structural Change: Consultancy for Lasting Impact

Structural Change focuses on creating sustainable, systemic transformations within organizations. Through our consultancy services, we work closely with your team to develop customized strategies and implement effective solutions that embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into the essence of your organization.

DEI Strategy Development: We collaborate with you to craft comprehensive DEI strategies that align with your organizational goals and values. By conducting in-depth research and analysis, we gain a deep understanding of your current culture, challenges, and aspirations. Our tailored approach ensures that your DEI strategy reflects your unique context, driving impactful change.

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Support: We provide guidance on creating and organizing ERGs, empowering employees from marginalized communities to advocate for their rights and contribute to a more inclusive workplace. We assist in establishing ERG structures, setting goals, and developing action plans that foster belonging and amplify diverse voices within your organization.

DEI Roadmaps and Methodologies: We help design and implement DEI roadmaps and methodologies that promote sustainable change. By establishing measurable goals, implementing accountability mechanisms, and providing ongoing support, we ensure that your DEI initiatives are integrated into your organization's core operations and culture.

Inclusive Recruitment and Retention Practices: We assist in developing inclusive recruitment and retention practices that attract diverse talent and create an environment where all employees can thrive. From reviewing job descriptions to designing inclusive interview processes, we help dismantle barriers and foster a culture of belonging.

The Power of Complementary Change:

At Safir Boukhalfa Consulting, we believe that Interpersonal Change and Structural Change go hand in hand. By combining workshops, speaking engagements, and writing with comprehensive consultancy services, we create a synergy that drives long-lasting change within your organization. Interpersonal Change sparks individual growth, while Structural Change builds a foundation for systemic transformation. Together, they create a culture that values and embraces intersectionality, fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Our journey at Safir Boukhalfa Consulting is centered on embracing intersectionality and cultivating lasting change in workplaces. Through our Interpersonal Change initiatives, including workshops, speaking engagements, and writing, we empower individuals to become catalysts for inclusion. Simultaneously, our Structural Change consultancy services drive systemic transformations within organizations, ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are deeply embedded in their structures and practices. By harnessing the power of both forms of change, we help organizations create work environments where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to be their authentic selves. Together, let's embrace intersectionality and foster inclusive workplaces that celebrate the rich diversity of humanity.

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