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Solutions for anti-racism, queer inclusion and neurodiversity in the workplace.

About Us

Take one step at a time

Our purpose is to create social change and progress starting by the place people spend the most time at: their workplace.

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Who I am

Hello, my name is Safir. 
I am a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant living in Berlin, Germany. I also happen to be from Algeria and France, queer, Muslim and Non-Binary with autism and ADHD. 

My whole life, I have been exploring and looking for a place where I feel included. This journey led me to live in various countries such as Spain, France, The Netherlands, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Germany, and work in organisations such as Zalando, Calvin Klein and Doctors without Borders. 

My purpose is to guide companies and NGOs on how to help people from marginalized communities not only to feel seen, heard and included but also most importantly really embraced for who they are in the workplace. 


A good company culture can always become better.

The task of creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is scary. As an employer, you will need a lot of will, courage and perseverance.  The good thing is, you do not have to do it alone: knock at our door and find solutions curated to your challenges.

We offer our services in English, French, German and Spanish.

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